Agence de Développement Territorial (ADT)

The aim of the Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO), created on the initiative of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, is to facilitate:
1. understanding of the territory
2. urban development

Working with the various public and private stakeholders, the ADT-ATO seeks understanding, anticipates, advises, builds consensus and acts on behalf of the Region for the benefits of its inhabitants and users.

The ADT-ATO has 2 departments:
1. the “knowledge and understanding of the territory” which observes, monitors and analyses developments in the territory. It provides support with the implementation of projects and assistance with decision-making;
2. the “territorial development” which aims to coordinate the development of regional strategic areas and implement the major urban projects with regional character.

At the request of the Regional Government, the ADT-ATO coordinates the development of the Reyers district. The ADT-ATO has 2 main tasks in this matter:
1. the implementation of a media district (federating the companies, city-marketing, events…);
2. the development of the urban project to make the Reyers district a new part of the city with a mix of urban functions (housing, offices, park, efficient transport, shops…).

Due to the presence of the two main radio-TV companies but also other private companies related to medias on the Reyers district, it has a great potential to become the center of media activities. The development of the media sector will be reinforced by a policy of clustering and economic networking.


rue Royale 2


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Contact Person

Solange Verger
Chargée de mission – Opdrachthoudster

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