Dame Blanche

With its unrivalled equipment and expertise, Dame Blanche is a comprehensive post production centre for digital cinema and television offering a full range of services to productions.

Dame Blanche comprises approximately ten sound and image studios, based on sites in Brussels and Genval. With its tailor-made infrastructure, today the post production company covers all stages of post production thus facilitating the transfer from one to the other and also allowing production companies to draw up a type of shopping list where they can pick and choose from among the following services:

Sound editing and mixing: The studios have dozens of feature films, commercials and documentaries to their credit, to name but a few.
Dubbing: AGENT DOUBLE.  Every day, scores of actors lend their voices to productions from abroad.  
Sound effects: So far, sound effects have been added to no fewer than 190 feature films and TV films at Dame Blanche, clearly positioning the company as a leader in its field.
Music composition: In addition to countless commercials, channel identities and documentaries, Dame Blanche has also provided the music for over 10 feature films and 15 TV and animation series.
Image post production: From scanning through to mastering and from 2D and 3D special effects to calibration, this department, which opened in 2010, has already worked on several Belgian and European feature films. A digital rush processing solution can also be provided during filming.

It should also be noted that collaboration projects with partners in France and Luxembourg also offer a consistent post production follow-up for cross-border co-productions.


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