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We are Belgian website (, dedicated to covering the latest news and events in the Electronic Dance Music scene.

Created and founded by “Dj Magik” whose mission was to create an official project in his home country, the website’s goal is to provide cutting-edge information that is always current and up to date.
Electronic dance music and DJ lifestyle is the fastest growing and arguably the most influential genre in music today.
DJ News Magazine is the first official ‘EDM’ magazine based in Belgium and we inform thousands of ‘EDM’ fans with a monthly magazine.

DJ News Magazine is a young and dynamic team constantly travel all over Europe and through the other continents to provide you quality interviews and video coverage of both high-profile and rising artists and events.

DJ News Magazine goes beyond the DJs and serves up exclusive content that takes you into the world of the producers, artists and DJs, label and everyone in between.

Who is the hottest DJ at the moment? What are their hidden talents?
DJ News Magazine never rests until we furnish all the answers.
Dj News Magazine delivers you the recipe to live this lifestyle.

DJ News Magazine is the ultimate platform for any brand to build an exclusive marketing digital program and experiential activations across the globe that delivers this untapped and highly
desirable audience.

DJ News Magazine has many resources and tools to promote artists, brands, events :

Internet: social networks, website showcase, promo, demo video, forums,

Media: ads, advertising, press, articles, reports, editorials, ...

Knowledge: relationships, friends, schools, podcast, ...

Partnerships: contests, fairs, represent a product or brand, demonstration of DJ products ...

Contact organizers, responsible, creating a label ...

From music to nightlife, fashion, lifestyle and technology, Dj News Magazine’s digital network enables advertisers to interact with today’s most trendsetting consumers through a curate list of the best electronic music sites.

Our digital network is the definitive starting point for any brand looking to create a digital or 360-degree marketing program.

From online to events, promotions, mobile, social media, PR and creative, we have your marketing solution.




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