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Emmanuel Verraes is an attorney at law, working in an independent boutique law firm (www.verraes-law.com) specialized in intellectual property rights, media & entertainment law and ICT law.  Being a former legal director in the music and audiovisual industry, he has an extensive expertise in both the legal and the economic aspects of the business.  Emmanuel is regularly solicited for guest lectures and seminars in the field of media and entertainment, and is a member of international professional associations including the International Association of Entertainment Laywers (IAEL), Association Littéraire Internationale du Droit d’Auteur (ALAI) and the Benelux Association for Trade Mark and Design Law (BMM).

His law practice represents a wide range of players from the media and entertainment sector, be they audiovisual production companies, broadcasting companies, actors and celebrities, multinational or independent recording companies, artists or composers, artist managers and agents, publishers, management companies, authors, journalists, architects, designers, visual artists and art galleries, promo & marketing agencies, event & concert organisers, as well as other players, who want their intellectual property to be protected.  He does not only provide advice and support in relation to contracts, negotiations and legal actions, but also global assistance in building up intellectual rights portfolios.


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