For several years, MagicWorlds produced various youth programs but also political satire shows( 2D, 3D, live action and hybrid formats).  In 2014 the company took the plunge and specialized itself in the youth sector but not like any other i.e. with a sustainable and important ethical orientation.

We are specialized in producing very fast daily delivered 2D animation (mainly used to react on news or events in TV shows) and  explainer videos: video explaining company's concept/product in a simple and funny way.

Magicworlds produces its own children series  and brands developing for each production a full 360° environment on niche themes.  
- Abracadabra ( 39 x 7' : 2D animation, magic, humor, absurd, friendship)
- Charly Sputnik (30 x 9', live action,  recycling, environment, DIY, humor)
- Stan & Pitchou (15 x 7',  live action, sitcom, music, humor)
- Super KODO (10 x 26', live action, nature conservation, chimpanzee, superhero)

Our main specialty is to produce very FAST daily delivered 2D animation. Having probably one of worlds fastest 2D production pipelines, this allows us to produce special TV formats scripted,  animated and delivered the same day. Very usefull for news related shows, political satire or celebrity news.  We produced those formats already for : RTL-TVI, RTBF, TF1, AB3, KETNET, VTM KZOOM, groupe ROSSEL, ARTE, ...

Based on it's long corporate and TV short format experience Magicworlds launched in 2015 a spinoff specialised in the production of explainer videos with a focus on highly creative and technical explainer videos.   We offer our custommers result driven production in tailor made techniques (2D, 3D, live action or hybrid).


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Dimitri Oosterlynck
producer / manager

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