MobyllaCast offers professional and reliable tools and services to create, manage and deliver Rich Media content on all devices. Essentially, the added value of our services and tools is to translate your business strategies into a successful on-line video workflow.
We build an On-line Video Plan together with you. Based on your objectives, we assess your audience to find out their interests and why they watch, then we assess your content in terms of what’s available and what needs to be added and, finally, we determine the optimal output based on this information. Following this analysis, we then implement this plan in order to ensure you will receive maximum benefit and return on your online video strategy.
Concretely, we produce or help you to produce different video output formats like:
    Webinars & Webcasts
    Mobile Video Learning
    Testimonials & Product Videos
    We then provide you with professional tools and methods to manage, publish, share, analyze and monetize these videos.
Our solutions range from
    Capture Stations for live and on-demand
    Webinars and Webcasting
    Online Video Platform for business related WebTVs
Innovative Aspects and Advantages
    Full webinar workflow within an online video platform
    Unique capture stations for webcasts and webinars
    We provide an online video plan to customers
    3-screen playout on PC, Mobile and SmartTV


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