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Newsant brings together multimedia professionals who aim to enrich the coverage of all the latest news events, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We build with existing digital and audiovisual media outlets a more comprehensive approach to news coverage. Through fact-checking, data-journalism and investigative journalism multimedia entities which provide  an immersive experience to readers and viewers.

The work delivered by the agency proves that it is possible to constantly produce added value, even when budgets are tight and time is running short. Whether it is print and digital media, radio or television, Newsant has the experience and the know-how to tell good stories, fetch new ideas and transform your needs into reality. Journalists working for the agency take pride in being true video journalists, data journalists,  web developers and multimedia  creators. The team always looks up to state of the art technologies which could help newsrooms to leap frog to a more integrated  news storytelling. We are putting together teams of well-trained professionals capable to be equally at ease with writing, shooting, editing, tweeting, live-blogging. Yet, as reporters, they are not afraid to ask the tough questions, insist on accuracy and crosscheck every source and every piece of information.

What sets our agency apart is precisely this ability for multitasking. In today’s media world, it is the only way to have a complete knowledge of audiovisual creation.
We look forward to show our partners and clients how their needs can be fulfilled.


1. News reporting: Newsant is an agency created by a journalist

The agency offers tailor-made services to audiovisual and Internet media, thanks to an extensive knowledge of news requirements and realities. Reporters, cameramen, editors, sound mixers, VJs…they all gather at Newsant to analyze and report the news together. They are never afraid of questioning their own opinion and strive to deliver excellence in news online story telling.

2. Transmedia and Webdocumentary: the future of documentary story telling

Webdocumentary combines the traditional means of audiovisual production with the flexibility of web navigation. It is not just a documentary screened on a website, but a new approach to storytelling which brings together the codes of both television and the Internet. The transmedia productions are interactive experiences, where one can witness the creativity of the web developer and the reporting skills of the journalist. This new approach allows the viewer to dig into an issue, a theme or a story according to his/her own will and rhythm. By offering links to other source of information, the webdocumentary pushes the boundaries of curiosity to virtually endless levels. Newsant is a pioneer in webdocumentary production. Having lived through its inception and development, our agency believes this new form of storytelling is at the crossroads between the different services we offer, from journalism excellence to video production and web development.
>> Web documentary & web video production
>> Longform
>> Fact-checking
>> Data-journalism
>> Investigative journalism
>> Newsgames
>> Interactive tools
>> Immersive experiences
>> Drone Journalism



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