Our Team

Our Amazing Team


ehind the cluster screen.brussels are three dedicated people. They are at the disposal of the Brussels based companies and will do whatever they can to enhance their competitiveness.

We are...

  • Very Professional
  • Hard Working
  • Punctual Gentlemen


  • Polite & Friendly
  • Intellectual Minds
  • Efficiently Equipped




Team Member

Cluster Manager

Juan Bossicard

From the start of my professional life, I have been involved with young companies and entrepreneurship, I help ICT companies flourish in the Brussels region

    Team Member

    Audiovisual Advisor

    Marine Haverland

    I am myself an entrepreneur who understands the challenges. I, therefore, believe I can help you succeed.

      Team Member

      Audiovisual Advisor

      Baptiste Charles

      My Focus: Cinema, TV, Series and Music.

      My Goal: Helping you create, grow and disseminate your AV project