Services offers a wide range of services to their members. They can be classified in three categories.

  • Access to various formal and informal networking events
  • Establishment of relationship between members
  • Identification of potential partners to foster growth
  • Enhance visibility through the Cluster's website and brochure
  • Join collective actions with several region economic actors
Information & Workshops
  • Access practical and technical information related to Audio visual
  • Access and post jobs offers
  • Access to high valued technical workshop

  • One to One meeting with recognised experts

  • One-stop shop for partners information

  • Access coaching to Internationalize
  • Access to subsided International Trade Mission with the region
  • Access to Enterprise Europe Network and National Contact Point proposal
  • Access to EEN Brokerage events during international fairs
  • Receive privileged offers from National Contact Point and Enterprise Europe Network

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